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Sorry about that. Freddy should have been the first one I posted, since his is the first level.

As with Bonnie, this is (the preliminary sketch) Freddy's Jumpcuddle along with the (preliminary sketch) screen you get when you beat the Main Floor level. I decided to add the color of the walls and carpet to this one.

That's a pretzel rod Foxy has. He's playing with it like a sword. Freddy's holding a white chocolate striped fudge cookie, trying to work out some way to play with it. (Robots don't eat.)

Chica's playing Lady Gaga (or maybe Madonna), and Bonnie's laughing at her.

Guard is eating a pizza, of course.
Bonnie by TickleTron2000
So, this is my first (sketched out) screenshots for the Basement level of The Joy of Slumber Parties: Repose.

This is Bonnie's Jumpcuddle, and the Level Win screen you get if you find all five items you're looking for in the basement.

Five Nights at Freddy's = Scott Cawthon   The Joy of Creation: Reborn = Nikson

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First, there was the phenomenon "Five Nights at Freddy's" created by Scott Cawthon.
That game begat many fan-created games (Five Nights in Anime, Five Nights at Candy's are two of the most famous examples).
Then, the fans started taking Five Nights off on their own tangents (Five Nights at F**kboys, for instance) and that, too, sparked fan-made parodies (Five Nights at F**kgirl's).
One of these fan-made games, made by a developer who calls himself Nikson, is becoming a famous game in it's own right. That game is The Joy of Creation: Reborn.
This game takes the robots out of the pizzeria and into your home where, for some reason, you have to find 5 arbitrary things scattered about while avoiding one of four robots moving through each level of your house. (It's better than it sounds.)
Now, I'm more a fan of repairing the robots to make them nice again. So, I've come up with an idea for a fan-made parody of Joy of Creation: Reborn.
And I'm calling it, The Joy of Slumber Parties: Repose.
The story is thus:

It's a Federal Holiday and Freddy Fazbear's Pizza Funland is closed, so the Guard is given a bit of a vaycay; but his four friends from the pizzaria all miss him. So, they have invited themselves over to his house for a slumber party.
Now, the Guard (that's you) has never even BEEN to a slumber party, never mind hosted one.
So, you go to the library to find a book on the subject, and lo and behold! It turns out that you DO have everything you need in your house for the perfect slumber party: sleeping bag, blankets, pillows, snacks, books, games, movies, artsy-fartsy stuff... the thing is, this stuff is scattered all over the house, so you'll have to collect them.
This is complicated by the fact that your four friends are now in the house with you. Being overly affectionate, if they see you, they will charge in to glomp you and take you off to start the slumber party, whether you have all the stuff you need or not.

Main Floor: Repaired Freddy
The stuff you need:

Level Win Screen: Guard is eating a pizza. The robots (who don't eat) are trying to find a way to use the snacks as toys.

Basement: Repaired Bonnie
The stuff you need:
Sleeping bag
Top sheet

Level Win Screen: Guard is in sleeping bag, sitting up and reading a story to the four robots.

Attic; Repaired Foxy
The stuff you need:
Games (2)
Movies (2)
Paint set

Level Win Screen: Guard and robots cuddled up watching a movie.

Outside: Repaired Chica
The stuff you need:
Ten stones (for rock painting)

Level Win Screen: Guard and robots painting rocks.

Game Win Screen: Guard and robots are snuggled up asleep. All are happy.

Post-Jumpcuddle Screen: Robots are snuggled in with Guard. Robots are happy, but Guard is bummed that his slumber party isn't book perfect.

I've decided to add another stipulation to winning a level.
Once you find all the items you need on a level, you need to take them to an "EXIT" on the map to get the Level Win Screen. If you get the items and then get caught by the robot (like you do to advance in the original "Joy of Creation: Reborn" game), it doesn't count. You get taken to the "YOU LOSE" screen.
And I'm also taking out the timer, because a timer is stupid in this kind of scenario.


Devourer of Anti-Furries
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Favourite genre of music: 80's Rock.
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(The Sweet Apple Acres family is up front, surrounded by the Mane Six. Every pony is all happy and shit. Don't worry! That'll change VERY shortly!)

:music: And now a story
Of a nice, old pony
Who was raising 3 kids on her own!
All of them were Earth Ponies just like her
And they worked on a farm! :music:

(Now is when pony faces start drooping. Well, except for Pinkie's! She remains optimistic nearly throughout.)

:music: Now here's the story
Of the ponys' father
And why he isn't in the series!
He died in a freak workplace accident
That's why he's not around! :music:

GRANNY SMITH: Oh, we don't need ta hear what happ'ned to their Daddy...

:music: Their father was a scientist
Working with experimental radiation!
The core overheated and his face exploded!
Not his whole head, just his face! :music:


:music: He did not die instantly!
He survived the explosion of his face!
Imagine a pony body,
With just a weird hole where his face was,
Flailing around in shock! :music:

(Applejack throws up and leaves
(Big Mc has his head to the ground, his face buried in his hooves)

BIG Mc: We were just startin' to move on!

APPLEBLOOM: Granny! You said Daddy died in his sleep, dreamin' of us!

(Granny Smith embraces Applebloom and shouts at singers)


:music: He tripped and fell out of a plate-glass window
Onto a rusty fence post down below!
He impaled his anus on that fence post,
But he was still alive! :music:

(Rainbow Dash laughs)

RARITY: Rainbow! Don't laugh at that!!

:music: He could still scream
Even though he didn't have a face!
The sound was absolutely chilling!
His corpse was never, never, never found!
Some say his screams fill the night! :music:

(Faceless father rushes in from left of panel, screaming. He lunges at Rainbow Dash and bites out her neck, sending every pony else, save Pinkie, into a blind, running panic. Father chases after them.)

PINKIE: Wow! I can't wait to hear what happened to their mother!


A pony-fide version of the funniest Robot Chicken skit I've seen in a while.
If anyone wants to try and make this into a comic, go ahead. I'd do it, but I'm shit with drawing on a computer. Plus, this would take more computer time than I'm allowed (a maximum of 11 hours, 45 minutes).
  • Listening to: a mix CD I had made
  • Reading: Nerdy Nummies Cookbook
  • Watching: Ponies
  • Playing: Clicker games
  • Eating: pizza
  • Drinking: Diet Cherry Dr. Pepper

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