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Mike Shmidt and the Repaired Robots by TickleTron2000
Mike Shmidt and the Repaired Robots
This is my concept for a new Five Nights at Freddy's series.

The restaurant has been bought by new owners, and the robots have been cleaned up and repaired, and made NOT psychotic. Now the robots get to roam about in the day AND the night.
At night, the robots go on these imagination adventures.
Mike Shmidt the security guard is back, too. The robots want him to come out and join them on their adventures; but he can't, because if he leaves his little hovel, his goofing off will be caught on camera and he'll get canned.

Freddy Fazbear
The big brother type (the GOOD kind, not the Orwellian kind). Wants to help everyone in the restaurant to get along. Especially Mike, who seems to hate the robots (for some unfathomable reason).

Chica Chicky
Sweet, energetic, fun-loving. Chica wants to learn to cook. She wants Mike to be her special cuddle-friend.

Mike Shmidt
Night watch. Since the new owners fixed the robots, the nights have become very boring here for Mike. Hates his life. A dick-bag to the robots.

Bonnie Bunny
The middle child. Freddy's the older brother, Chica the younger sister. Annoyed by Chica. Wants Mike to come out so the two of them can play pranks on the others.

Cap'n Foxy
Takes his role as swashbuckling pirate a bit to seriously, but is still a nicey-nice. Wants to help Mike overcome his fear of his boss so he can join the others and finally have some fun.

And yeah, I realize the proportions are way off and they look cute and ugly at the same time. I suck triceratops testicles at drawing with a mouse. And I was in a rush, on top of that.

Just noticed I forgot Foxy's tail.
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: sexual themes, strong language and ideologically sensitive material)
Ever since the new owners bought the pizzeria and fixed the robots so they aren't homicidal anymore, the night shift has become very boring for Mike. He can't leave his little hovel in the back to join the robots on their nightly adventures without having his goofing off being recorded on camera.
So Mike had to come up with a new way to entertain himself...
By adapting a card game he found on the internet to his own situation.

Welcome to "Five Nights with ShipFics!"

Mike Shmidt - Human - Security Guard - Male
Michelle Shmidt - Human - Security Guard - Female
Corrupted Mike - Human - Security Guard - Corrupted - Male
Freddy Fazbear - Robot - Male
Freddi Fazbear - Robot - Female
Corrupted Freddy - Robot - Corrupted - Male
Roberto Rooster - Robot - Male
Chica Chicky - Robot - Female
Corrupted Chica - Robot - Corrupted - Female
Bonnie Bunny - Robot - Male
Bonny Bunny - Robot - Female
Corrupted Bonnie - Robot - Corrupted - Male
Cap'n Foxy - Robot - Pirate - Male
Cap'n Foxxy - Robot - Pirate - Female
Corrupted Foxy - Robot - Pirate - Corrupted - Male
Golden Freddy - Empty Suit - Male
Golden Freddi - Empty Suit - Female

GOAL cards
Swiggity Swooty I'm Comin' Fer That Booty!
Win this Goal when:
You ship any Cap'n Foxy with any Female

The Fox and the Grapes
Win this Goal when:
You ship any Cap'n Foxy with any Male

Foxes and Chickens
Win this Goal when:
You ship any Cap'n Foxy with any Chica Chicky

Let's Yiff
Ship any Chica Chicky with anyone

Are You Ready for Freddy?
Ship any Freddy Fazbear with anyone

Toxic Love
Ship any two Corrupted characters together

Blow Job
Ship the electric fan with anyone

Ship the creepy cupcake with anyone

Phone Sex
Ship Phone Guy with anyone

You Understand Me Like No One Else Can
Ship anyone with their Rule 63 counterpart
Mike Shmidt's ShipFic Game
Based on "Twilight Sparkle's Secret ShipFic Folder." The very silly card game about shipping ponies.

These are, by NO means, an exhaustive card list, and if any of you have any ideas for cards, suggest them.

The actual cards themselves will incorporate symbols to represent the characters (a hook for the Cap'n Foxy related cards, a "LET'S EAT!!!" bib for Chica, etc.)

Twilight Sparkle's Secret ShipFic Folder was created by Horrible People Productions


Devourer of Anti-Furries
Current Residence: Melvin: Inside my fantasies. / Kyle: Inside Melvin's head.
Favourite genre of music: 80's Rock.
Favourite style of art: Anthro
Operating System: Win 98 (Yes, I'm still using a Win 98!! Wise @$$ !!!)
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Skin of choice: Melvin: Fur. / Kyle: My Morphmetal chassis suits me just swell.
Favourite cartoon character: Melvin: Currently, it's Fluttershy. / Kyle: Bunnie Rab-Bot.
Personal Quote: Melvin: Keep your friends close and your enemies dead.

I saw a question like this on the "TickleTheater" site.
Which girl(s) from cartoons/animated movies/videogames would you like to tickle? Here's my list:

Erotica Jones from "Stripperella"
Amy Wong from "Futurama" (in that Glinda costume, or in either of her topless bikinis)
Julie Bruin (Tiny Toon)
Minerva Mink and Hello Nurse (Animaniacs)
Carnival costume Linda (Rio)
Gadget Hackwrench (in her Femme Fatale costume)
That blond girl from "Toxic Crusaders" (what is her name?)
Princess Clara from "Drawn Together"
Daphne and Velma (Scooby-Doo)
Betty Boop
Fawn Deer (Raw Toonage)
Red Hot Riding Hood
Six (Tripping the Rift) [NEW]
Jessica Rabbit
All the centaurettes from Disney's "Fantasia"
Sonia Conchita Hernandez from Teen Titans Go!
Chel from "Road to El Dorado"
All the mermaids from both Disney's "Peter Pan" and "Little Mermaid"
The three Flairies from "Fashion Fairytale"
Eleanor from "Wizards"
Princess Daphne from "Dragon's Lair"
Lucy from "Whacked"
Chichibinta Rika (the giant Vegas showgirl) from "Parodius"
All the lingerie models from "Panty Raider"
The Sunflower and Jugga from "Conker's Bad Fur Day"
Vivi from "Braindead 13"
Ms. Fit from "Toonstruck"
That bunny girl from "Trick Shooting"
The updated Pauline from "Donkey Kong"
Jhuidah the Island Faerie from "Neopets"
Felicia from "Darkstalkers"
Bunny from "Menace Beach"

I'll certainly be adding more as time goes on.
Write in and add to the list. Or vote on your favorite tickle fantasy from those listed.

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